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Contractor for Expert GUTTER INSTALLATION Services

Kodiak Gutter Installation and Guards offers its customer seamless gutters that are custom-built for your home. We pride ourselves in having the best quality materials and services in all of Houston.  We have been providing our gutter installation services in Houston for many years and do all the heavy lifting in your gutter installation job.

Our seamless gutters:

Our seamless gutters mean that they are made in one piece. They have no seams that allow for leaks or breaks, and are specially built custom for your house.

Our gutters are made from aluminum and since we make them seamless

A. they have a higher strength than normal gutters
B. they have no breaks or gaps in between
C. they direct rainwater away from your siding and foundation
D. they prevent mold, mildew, and other water damage

BENEFITS OF gutter installation

Our team always begins with a complete inspection of the gutters before we estimate the damage that needs to be repaired. In some cases, the extent of the damage is beyond repair and even though some companies could temporarily fix the damage it will recur frequently for which the cost adds up. In such cases, we believe you can benefit most from a new installation rather than paying expensive repair fees time and time again. Some of the signs of gutter damage include

Low maintenance cost

Rain gutters are pretty simple and easy to clean. They prevent any damage to the property and only need maintenance and cleaning once or twice a year.

Prevent water staining

Water has the tendency to stain stone and brick walls that cover the exterior of your home. With rain gutters installed you don’t have to worry about your exterior getting water stains and ruining the look.

Prevents mildew

Mildew starts to form in places that are wet and have water collected in them since rain gutters drain all this water there is no mildew that can ruin your house making it look old and ugly.

Prevents foundation issues

Water can be detrimental to your home’s foundation. With excess water, the foundation can get cracks in it or even collapse. The rain gutter prevents this by draining the water away from the foundation of the house so it can stay safe and protected.

Protect flooring of basements

During heavy rainfall, excess water can flow into the basement and flood them. This in turn causes a lot of damage to the property and can be costly to repair. Gutters prevent that by draining high volumes of that rainwater away from the foundation of the house

Prevents paint damage

If you have new paint or a bold color painted on your house, you probably don’t want it getting ruined by the rain or water dripping from your roof. Hence a gutter is essential to drain that water away from the house so the paint can stay vibrant for a long time.

Color options for every home

Our aluminum gutters are available in over 20 colors.  You can choose a color to match your home or have a nice contrasting color that elevates your home.

You Need GUTTER Replacement

Ceiling & Wall Stains

Attic Leaks

Blistering or
Peeling Paint


A: Kodiak’s will be with you during your entire project with start-to-finish project management. Your products will be custom ordered as soon as you make your purchase, and we’ll let you know your installation timeline. While your product is being prepared, the independent contractor will pull any permits necessary for your project. Once your materials are ready and the permit is pulled, the independent contractor will schedule your installation. Materials will be delivered directly to the jobsite. Once the job is complete, the installers will haul away any materials and debris. Then the independent contractor will ensure you’re pleased with the completed project. Your professional installation always includes all accessories and product needed to complete the job. Decking, underlayment, ice barrier, flashing and drip edge, shingles, starter roll, hip and ridge shingles, and ventilation products are all discussed upfront during the consultation.

A: If your project is in relation to an insurance claim, please note this during the consultation. Filing the claim is the customer’s responsibility. Remove items hanging on interior walls, as vibrations from the project may cause hanging items to fall. If an antenna or satellite dish must be removed for the project, ensure a handyperson or satellite provider is scheduled to reset the equipment after the project is complete. Ensure the space around and below the work area is accessible and clear of all debris. You’ll also want to relocate vehicles and have a plan for kids and pets, as certain areas of the home and yard will be off limits during installation. During the installation, keep doors and windows closed to keep out dust and debris. Be sure to cover belongings in the attic.

A: Your roofing investment is determined by the size of the roof, the price of the materials required to complete the roof installation, the complexity of the job and the location of your home. If financing is a barrier to protecting your home from additional water or storm damage, Kodiak’s Credit offers options to help.


Thanks to years of experience and the best quality materials we at Kodiak Gutter Installation and Guards are able to install your gutters accurately and in no time at all. We even offer a lifetime warranty on our gutter since we believe in our worship and hard work. Our first priority has always been our customers and we will always do everything in our power to provide our customers with excellent services. So call us today and get your free quote for a gutter system installation today!


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