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A gutter guard is often referred to by many other names, a leaf guard or a gutter cover is a thin piece of equipment usually made of a thin wire or plastic mesh that goes on top of the gutters on your roof.

As gutters are responsible for the proper drainage of water along the roof, they can often overflow or become clogged due to leaves or debris buildup in the gutters. This causes the water to flow outwards and can potentially cause a lot of property damage that would cost a lot to fix. An easy and cheaper long-term solution to this problem is a gutter guard.

What type of debris does

A gutter guard works as a great solution for many different types of debris, these include:


These include flowers, pine needles, oak leaves, helicopter pods, etc.

Small animals

Such as squirrels, snakes, birds, and more.


Guards can prevent both large and small debris from entering the gutters like shingle grit, lichens, and shade-born growth.


Small insects, mosquitoes, spiders, and other insects can also be stopped from entering and potentially clogging the gutters.

Why should I get a gutter guard?

A gutter guard is an essential component in preventing leaves from entering the gutter and clogging it. These guards maintain the efficiently working drainage system and allow it to work properly. With a gutter guard installed, you will need less regular maintenance of your gutter, which will end up saving you quite some money in the long run. Since the gutter guards will catch most of the debris and dirt entering the gutter, you will also require much fewer cleanings as the gutter won’t get as dirty and clogged.

Without a gutter guard in place, you would normally require about 2 maintenance appointments per year. However, with a gutter guard in place, you won’t have to pay hefty maintenance costs. The gutter cleaning is much less and it allows the gutters to have high capacity during monsoon rains; it also prevents overflow, rotting fascia, mildew, and deterioration of the foundation.

In addition to saving you maintenance costs, gutter covers also provide the gutter with additional strength. This is especially needed during the winter months. Snow and hail along with tree branches can add weight to your gutter system and loosen it. In some cases, it can also completely tear down the system which can end up costing you to get a new system reinstalled.

Therefore a gutter guard is a great and simple way to protect your home. Kodiak Gutter Installation and Guards installs premium quality gutter guards that are built to last a lifetime. They are sturdy and of the highest quality to ensure that you never face any problems with your gutter system.


Foam Inserts

Vinyl Guards

Reverse Curve Covers

Fine Mesh


A: About 20 years. Some manufacturers have warranties from 20 years, such as GutterRX, all the way to 30+ years. This variation will depend on the material the gutter guard is made of (aluminum lasts longer than bristles for example). The quality of your selected gutter guard system can fluctuate the lifespan expectancy. If your gutters and gutter guards face a lot of debris, water, and moss build up, this could limit how long the gutter guards last.

A: The gutter guard is fastened or clipped to the front edge of the gutter. Then, for metal gutter covers, the other side of the gutter guard will slide under the bottom layer of shingles. Other types of gutter guards just rest on the rear portion of the gutter.

A: Like most roofing materials, gutter guards are priced based on how many feet you need. If you are going to have a roofing professional install them for you, you can expect about $4-12/foot. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. A very effective solution like GutterRX or Xtreme can be $6-8/foot and perform.


Many other companies do a gutter system installation but Kodiak Gutter Installation & Guards makes sure you get the very best. We offer top-tier materials that can hold up against all weather conditions and they last a very long time. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we don’t intend to stop. So call us now and get a free quote for your gutter system installation.


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