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Get your mind off your gutters

Maintenance is the key to having a sustainable and long-lasting gutter system at your home. Are you looking for someone to clean out your clogged, rusting, and pitting gutters to avoid a myriad of problems in the long run? Look no further because company Kodiak Gutter Installation and Guards has the solution to all your gutter problems.

We at Kodiak Gutter Installation and Guards leave no stone unturned to give the gutters at your home a thorough clean-out. Commonly gutters need to be cleaned out at least twice a year especially if you live in areas with heavy rainfalls and lots of trees. We have a systematic way of cleaning by performing water tests. We believe in professional quality cleaning which is why we clean down the core of each gutter from leaf removal to the downspouts of each gutter to ensure there is no disruption of water flow.

We use top-notch cleaning equipment and products that can get rid of any fragments, rubble, or gunk. Our team of specialists have an ample amount of experience in cleaning which makes them more aware of what to expect and where most build-up is present. The entire process of cleaning can take up to a few hours depending on the area of the house and how large the gutter system is.



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There are many different types of equipment that professionals use to get all the various kinds of debris out of your gutters. From extension poles and power air blowers to handheld blowers and even the garden hose can play a significant role in getting into pesky areas where it’s difficult to get the gunk out. Areas like the corners of the gutters can be a tricky spot for the collection of leaves, sticks, and acorns which rot and decay over time to become tricky to clean out.

The first step to having a durable gutter and preventing high structural damage to your house begins with a healthy and clean gutter system. It is important to have regular maintenance to avoid the risk of water damage, gutter sagging, gutter damage, leaking, and overflow of gutters. We make sure we educate all our clients on what destroys their gutter system so they can play a significant role in maintaining their house’s gutter system.

cleaning services we offer

Interior gutter cleaning

Outside gutter washing

Soffit and fascia washing

Roof blowing for debris removal

cleaning GUTTER

A: At Kodiak, we clean gutters by hand and with good old fashioned scoops. For more stubborn build up, we utilize the latest gutter cleaning technologies, including high-powered vacuums.

A: Gutters funnel water off your roof and safely into your home’s perimeter drainage system. When clogged, water can overflow and leak into your home, causing damage.

A: While this truly depends on the location of your home and the surrounding climate, our standard recommendation is twice a year (spring and fall).


Contact us today to get your gutters cleaned up and we will make sure your gutters are cleaned and prepped for the rainy seasons. Protect your home’s exterior from soil erosion and walls from detrimental water damage to the extent of no return. We guarantee smoothly flowing rainwater through your gutters by the time we are finished cleaning! Consult us for all your gutter problems, we deal in repairing, cleaning, installation, and other forms of gutter accessories such as covers and guards.


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